Upcoming Events

Break the ice with free ice slushies!

30 March 2017

Grab yourself free ice slushies while learning about how to “break the ice” with your off-campus neighbours at our #breaktheiceUoN stall.

Lunchtime Seminar: Relieving Stress with Chinese Tuina Massage

30 March 2017

This seminar aims to introduce the therapeutic benefits of Tuina massage and explain how it helps balance our health holistically. A number of simple acupoints will also be introduced and demonstrated so as to teach you how to relieve stress yourself using Chinese Tuina massage.

Screening of ‘I, Daniel Blake’

30 March 2017

In collaboration with Unite Community and UCU Nottingham University, the Centre for the Study of Social and Global Justice (CSSGJ) is organising a public screening of ‘I, Daniel Blake’, the award winning film by Ken Loach.

Fate, luck and fortune: historical narratives of environmental risk

31 March 2017

The Department of Classics (University of Nottingham) and the Department of History (University of Liverpool) present ‘Fate, luck and fortune: narratives of environmental risk’. How do we talk about the risks of our environment? Who do we blame when things go wrong?

When liberal adult education and vocational training meet: the Folk Development Colleges of Tanzania

31 March 2017

A CIER/UNEVOC seminar presented by Professor Alan Rogers, Visiting Professor, School of Education. Alan Rogers, Visiting Professor in the School of Education, has just returned from a visit to the Folk Development Colleges in Tanzania after twenty years.

Notts Triathlon returns to University Park Campus

2 April 2017

The Sandicliffe Ford Notts Triathlon and TriStars Aquathlon are returning to University Park Campus this year.

Avatars, sockpuppets and ventriloquists’ dummies: Selves and others online

3 April 2017

When web users express themselves they often borrow others’ bodies, faces and words to do so. YouTubers roleplay as their videogame avatars; users of Musical.ly mime to stars’ songs; Tumblr devotees punctuate their anecdotes with GIFs of Rihanna winking or Orson Welles clapping defiantly; trolls conscript cartoon frogs into campaigns of racist abuse. What do these acts of ventriloquism, citation, mimicry and impersonation say about digital culture, and about identity more generally?

From the Barrel of a Gun: Politics, Power, and the Chinese Army

3 April 2017

The China Policy Institute is pleased to announce a seminar by Samantha Hoffman and Peter Mattis entitled From the Barrel of a Gun: Politics, Power, and the Chinese Army.

The Sky’s the limit – a story of growth, risk and governance with Andrew Griffith

3 April 2017

This Business Leaders Series lecture guest speaker is Andrew Griffith, Group Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer at Sky plc (and The University of Nottingham Law alumnus).

Then and Now: People and place in Nottingham (Private view)

3 April 2017

The Digital Humanities Centre will be hosting a private view of its new exhibition, Then and Now: People and Place in Nottingham.