Upcoming Events

Building Better Business Workshop

22 June 2017

Join the University of Nottingham for this free workshop to explore how doing ‘better’ business could transform your company.

Sensing Divinity: Incense, religion and the ancient sensorium

23 — 24 June 2017

This conference will explore the history of a medium that has occupied a pivotal role in Mesopotamian, Greek, Roman and Judeo-Christian religious tradition: incense.

Workplace massages for staff

26 — 30 June 2017

As part of the University’s Wellbeing Programme for staff we are offering free 15 minute acupressure massages for staff.

Rising prevalence of obesity and link to diabetes

28 June 2017

Join us for ‘Rising prevalence of obesity and link to diabetes: Lifestyle and behavioural changes to prevent this rising epidemic’.

Reflections on a career so far

29 June 2017

Join Karen Cox, Deputy Vice Chancellor and Professor of Cancer and Palliative Care, as she discusses her career at the Women’s Staff Network.

Staff Sports Day 2014 Mike

Staff Sports Day 2017 – University Park

29 June 2017

Once again we’ll be hosting our popular retro sports day, this year with an American twist to honour Independence Day.

Staff Sports Day 2014

Staff Sports Day 2017 – Sutton Bonington

29 June 2017

Once again we’ll be hosting our popular retro sports day open to all staff at the University.

The potential and pitfalls of the capabilities approach in vocational education and training

30 June 2017

A Centre for International Education Research Seminar presented by Professor Leesa Wheelahan, University of Toronto.

Mental Health Uncertainty and Inevitability

30 June 2017

The event marks the launch of this book, offering presentations and panel discussions from the editors and contributing authors.

Palliative and End of Life Care

Power to the people: do public health campaigns improve awareness and quality of palliative care?

4 July 2017

The right to health includes a right of access to good quality palliative care, but inequalities persist. Raising awareness is a key plank of the public health approach to palliative care but involves consideration of subjects most of us prefer not to address. This talk examines the complexities of awareness raising, and distills key messages from international research.