Upcoming Events

Annual Transforming Teaching Programme Conference 2017

26 April 2017

This year’s Annual TTP conference will focus upon the priority areas of Global Strategy 2020 and the Transforming Teaching Programme as well as review strategic work responding to the NSS and the vocational skills agenda alongside research into student academic behaviours and the experiences of minority groups.

A vision of successful pedagogy in the African context: the case of speed schools in Ethiopia

8 May 2017

This presentation focuses on the pedagogy enacted within Speed Schools, a complementary education initiative providing a catch-up education for out-of-school children in Ethiopia.

Trump: the first 100 days

8 May 2017

Please join the Department of American and Canadian Studies’ panel of experts on May 8, at the end of Trump’s first 100 days as President.

In your head: Spoken word expression of mental health

9 May 2017

As part of The University of Nottingham Month of the Mind programme, we are excited to work with Rough Trade again this year to deliver a second In Your Head event after its success during our Disability December events programme last year.

No sexuality please, we’re scientists: hidden diversity

11 May 2017

The University of Nottingham is pleased to welcome the award-winning Professor David Smith, University of York, who will be delivering a talk on how his LGBT identity has become an integral part of his research and work on public understanding of science.

Bibliotherapy: Reading to help your mental health

12 May 2017

As part of The University of Nottingham Month of the Mind programme, we are delighted to welcome Margaret Glenn, Associate Professor & Coordinator, Clinical Rehabilitation & Mental Health Counselling, West Virginia University.

Radical life on the Mississippi: a global history of the US Civil War

15 May 2017

The Department of American and Canadian Studies will be hosting a talk by Professor Andrew Zimmerman, who will present his ongoing research on a global history of the US Civil War.

Stein combination shrinkage for vector autoregressions

16 May 2017

The School of Economics presents the Annual Granger Lecture with guest speaker Professor Bruce Hansen, University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Inaugural Consultancy Skills development seminar

17 May 2017

Enhance your personal capabilities, consultancy engagement opportunities and create impact. This event has been designed specifically for all University of Nottingham academics whether currently undertaking personal consultancy, though Nottingham University Consultants or in a private capacity, or considering doing so in the future.

Does literature build peace? Literature and UNESCO’s mission

17 May 2017

The Centre for Advanced Studies is delighted to welcome Professor Sarah Churchwell to the University of Nottingham to speak on the value of literature to today’s society and to reflect on the ambitions of UNESCO 70 years on from when it was first established.