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Dreadlocks Story

Presented as part of Black History Month 2017, Dreadlocks Story is a historical page which exhibits the bonds of the survival of African and Indian culture in Jamaica in view of upfront anti-slavery and anti-imperialist struggles.

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Our Research Vision: introducing the Rights Lab

The University of Nottingham’s Rights Lab is working to help end global slavery by 2030. It […]

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The Freedom Blueprint: how we end contemporary slavery

Professor Zoe Trodd will lay out facts, figures and definitions for global slavery, then discuss the world’s first large-scale research platform for ending slavery—a new Beacon of Excellence at the University of Nottingham that is working to help end slavery by 2030.

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New Masters course in slavery and liberation

We are now offering an exciting new MA in slavery and liberation. The course will be […]

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Modern Slavery Policy and Podcast

The University is committed to ensuring that there is no modern slavery or human trafficking in […]

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Anti-Slavery International student chapter: Preliminary meeting

Anti-Slavery International, a leading global charity dedicated to fighting contemporary slavery, is setting up a network of student activist chapters. They are looking for committed, socially engaged students to spearhead the University of Nottingham branch and to lead innovative fundraising and awareness-raising campaigns both on campus and in the wider community.

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Unlocking the science of slavery

Join us for a lecture by Professor Kevin Bales on ‘Unlocking the Science of Slavery’. Professor Kevin Bales is Professor of Contemporary Slavery in the School of Politics and International Relations at The University of Nottingham.

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Historians Against Slavery Conference

In October 2017, Historians Against Slavery (HAS) will hold its biennial conference outside of the United States for the first time, at the International Slavery Museum (ISM) in Liverpool. The two-day conference will mark the 10th Anniversary of the ISM as well as Black History Month 2017. It is co-hosted by HAS, the ISM, the Centre for the Study of International Slavery (University of Liverpool) and the Antislavery Usable Past project (Universities of Nottingham and Hull).

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Making Nottingham the world’s first slavery-free city

There are 46 million people enslaved around the world today. The Modern Slavery Act of 2015 tackles the issue of thousands of people enslaved in the UK. Could UK cities now take steps to ensure they are slavery-free? Over the next two years, Nottingham will work to become the world’s first slavery-free city.

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