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Life in earth: insights into the biological engine of the soil

In this inaugural lecture, Professor Ritz will reveal some new views of the normally unseen underworld, and explain how understanding the origins and consequences of soil biodiversity can provide a means for us to manage, monitor and protect soils more effectively.

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Chocolate: a mouthfeel sensation

As part of the Science Public Lecture Series, Dr Bettina Wolf presents ‘Chocolate: a mouthfeel sensation’.

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Credit: Kilian Eng and Grey Matter Art

Zombie genomics: or the didactic dead

Sean May, School of Biosciences, gives a lecture discussing ‘Zombie genomics: or the didactic dead’. Part of the Popular Culture Lecture Series. Art by Kilian Eng and Grey Matter Art.

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Travels in deep time: evolution and extinction in classic Doctor Who

Susannah Lydon, School of Biosciences, discusses ‘Travels in deep time: evolution and extinction in classic Doctor Who’. Part of the Popular Culture Lecture Series.

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Projects, professionalism and pendulums: higher education on the move

Student research is the ultimate heuristic tool, but supervising projects is tricky. Research is uncertain and demands on staff time are huge, yet the student needs a good degree and the supervisor wants a successful career. Can this conundrum be resolved?

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Sandra Hill’s Marathon Starch Masterclass

Internationally renowned expert on starches, Professor Sandra Hill, will be delivering her final starch lectures before she leaves the University of Nottingham after 26.2 years. Join Sandra for the final lap and enjoy 26.2 years of expertise in one marathon day.

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When it comes to the crunch…

Why do chocolate biscuits taste so yummy after they’ve been dunked in tea? “Mmmm… it turns […]

Appears in Issue 73

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