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Wellbeing conference: ‘Working well in higher education’

This one-day conference brings together leading researchers in health education and wellbeing to explore how to use research findings to develop priorities for the HE workplace.

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Help us celebrate LGBT History Month 2018 

We’re delighted to announce our programme of events for this year’s LGBT History Month – taking place throughout February 2018. LGBT History Month is a […]

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Trans Awareness: The Basics

A talk setting the wider context for trans identities, exploring key terms and use of language and beginning to explore how organisations can ensure they are being trans-inclusive. Part of LGBT History Month 2018.

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What Became of Gay Liberation?

A discussion on the legacy of the gay liberation movement in the US. Presented by Dr. Christopher Phelps (University of Nottingham) and Professor Jonathan Bell (University College London), as part of LGBT History Month 2018.

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‘Fear of a Queer China: Activism, Culture and Resistance’: Research workshop

A workshop bringing together queer scholars and activists to discuss key issues concerning queer activism in contemporary China. Part of LGBT History Month 2018.

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Solidarity and support: an evening with the Nottingham LGBTQ+ community

In this networking event, LGBTQ+ groups and allies discuss the future of the community and how we can take steps toward a fairer and more representative tomorrow.

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Queer subversions and intersectionality: A look at diverse LGBTQ+ voices

Academics from the University of Nottingham share and discuss aspects of their favourite works in order to explore some of the less well-known dimensions of queer lives across the world.

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No Easy Walk to Freedom

Documentary screening, followed by a Q&A with Commonwealth decriminialisation activist and Executive Director of the Kaleidoscope Trust, Paul J.Dillane. Part of LGBT History Month 2018.

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Queer Cinema as Art, Activism and Industry: Filmmaker Fan Popo in Conversation

A series of film screenings, director’s Q&As and workshops, presented by leading Chinese queer filmmaker Fan Popo. Part of LGBT History Month 2018.

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When an activist becomes an artist

London-based artist, feminist and LGBT activist Whiskey Chow shares her experiences and explores how art and activism interact with each other. Part of LGBT History Month 2018.

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