disability related sickness leave

Provision for Disability Leave and Disability Related Sickness Absence

The University is committed to ensuring reasonable measures are taken to remove any identified disadvantage for disabled employees and to support and retain disabled employees in employment.

It has now been confirmed that provision will be made for Disability Leave and Disability Related Sickness Absence, which will be included within the University’s current Sickness Absence Management Policy. This become effective from Saturday 1 April 2017.

Disability Leave
This new provision of leave enables a disabled person to be absent from work for ‘rehabilitation, assessment or treatment’ for a fixed period(s) of time known in advance. Colleagues intending to request Disability Leave should discuss this with their relevant manager and complete a Disability Leave form. The full details of this provision can be found in the revised Sickness Absence Management Policy.

Disability Related Sickness Absence
The University recognises that some disabled employees’ impairments may result in some sickness absence and we will be recording any disability-related sickness absence within HR systems via the sickness absence notification process. This will assist us in ensuring staff are not disadvantaged with respect to HR policies. Full information is contained within the revised Sickness Absence Management Policy. Employees can also update their status by completing an Equality Data Monitoring form.

This information will be treated and stored confidentiality as sensitive personal data.

If you have any queries, please contact Rebecca Dalton, HR Project Manager (extension 68539) or get in touch with the HR Employment Relations Team.

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