National Student Survey update

The National Student Survey launched for final year undergraduates on Monday 1 February 2016. As of 1pm on Monday 8 February, completion rate stood at 13.3%. The top five responding departments (in terms of response rate) are as follows:

Department Response rate (%)
Architecture 54.2
Contemporary Chinese Studies 43.2
Veterinary Medicine & Science 39.6
Chemical & Environmental Engineering 27.3
Physics 22.7

Promoting the survey

All staff are asked to actively promote the NSS to final year student. As well as active promotion by University staff, lecture shout-outs by fellow students are commonly cited by students as one of the key reasons that they complete the survey.

Arranging lecture shout-outs for your students

The Students’ Union is offering training for student representatives to deliver lecture shout-outs, encouraging their peers to complete the survey.

If you would like your course or school representatives to carry out lecture shout-outs, you should first liaise directly with them. Training will be offered to directly to student reps in mid-February but the Students’ Union will not be coordinating lecture shout-out directly with Schools/student reps.

During the training, student representatives will be encouraged to coordinate with staff to agree a schedule of lecture shout-outs. If you would like to arrange lecture shout-outs, please coordinate with your student representatives.

Visit our NSS page on the Current Students section of the website for more background information about the survey.

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